HEEEYYYY! Kristiina, here—Social Media Manager :)

Hey there, nice to meet you. I’m a social media manager and graphic designer ready to take the busy-work out of your busy-ness. I’m here to help.

Never heard of a “Virtual Assistant”? I hear ya! Basically, a virtual assistant can take time-consuming tasks off of your plate to free you up to do your Income Producing Activities (like selling, product creation, and creating visions of your kickass business!).

Social media is a necessary evil in today’s online marketplace and while it sometimes leads directly to income, usually it’s just the tip of the sales funnel—an introduction to you and your awesome business!

Managing social media is time consuming, but that’s where a virtual assistant, like me, can help!

The best part is that I do this full-time and that makes me efficient and effective. PLUS, it saves you time and money because you don’t need to hire a part-time employee!

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