Meet you on a Zoom call? It’s FUN, I promise.


Want to learn more about the process before we talk?

Here are the steps that we will take once you’ve hired me!

Step 1: New Client Call

If I’m helping you with partial and/or full management of your social media, we’ll need to do a brain dump/logistics, or ‘onboarding’ meeting. This will take anywhere from 15-30 minutes where we review policies, transfer channel logins, set up payment, and you’ll give me any graphics and images you have at the read, etc.

Step 2: Your Homework

I’ll give you some homework in the form of a questionnaire. This is a great starting point for us both before our strategy call.

Step 3: Strategy Session

We’ll take about an hour to work through the questionnaire and dig deep into your goals, your target client, your competition, etc.

Step 4: Your Strategy Plan

With all of the information and direction from our strategy session, I’ll create a plan specific to you and your targeted audience with a content prompts and hashtag research.

Step 5: Implementation

At this point, I either hand off the implementation of your plan for you and/or your team to manage, or if I’m managing it for you, I hit the ground running to get your strategy in motion. I’ll check in every two weeks with your grid layout, captions, and hashtags for each post. (We can do this via a shared Trello board, or a shared Google sheet.)

Step 6: Review

We’ll schedule a review call after 30 days to check in and evaluate your progress, make changes, etc.

How soon will you see results?

You can see results as quickly as two weeks, but this is a long-term strategy and I ask for 90 days of consistently putting the plan into action to see your results. Social media takes a bit of experimentation, but with the right plan, we can attract your raving fans and convert them into paying customers.

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