Hi Haley! Thanks for stopping by :)

I thought it would be easier to show you some of my recent work right here on my website. As I mentioned, I create social media/blog post/pinterest graphics and also provide social media management in my Virtual Assistant business.

I’ve also dabbled in logo and branding and have had a lot of fun. Like you, I’ve been my own client so many times in the past ten years I’ve lost count LOL. It’s a lot of fun, but I do think it’s a clearer process when you’re designing for someone else because you can see the client in a way that they can’t.

I don’t know you, but I’m very drawn to your energy/vibe and would love to have the opportunity to interview with you for the (potentially) long-term position. Thanks for your time and take a look below before you leave! I have also linked my portfolio in my header above. xoxo -kristiina


These images were created for a local massage/wellness company using their main brand colors. I absolutely love sourcing on-brand quotes, images, and elements. Plus, taking this type of work off of a business owner’s plate is very gratifying.

FB Graphic Design Examples (1).jpg
FB Graphic Design Examples.jpg
FB Graphic Design Examples (2).jpg

Wine Bar

These social media images were created for a local cooking school that also has an attached wine and tapas bar. They are trying to grow their online presence and build some loyal customers through their Instagram and Facebook. I created a detailed Instagram strategy plan (just last week) and these graphics to really elevate their feed. I know it will make a difference!

FB Graphic Design Examples (8).jpg
FB Graphic Design Examples (6).jpg
FB Graphic Design Examples (9).jpg
FB Graphic Design Examples (4).jpg

Kristiina Craven Branding Board

VA Branding Board (5).jpg
FB Graphic Design Examples (7).jpg

Mock Stock and Roll Branding Board

MSR Branding Board (4).jpg