Top 5 Reasons You Should Switch to a Pinterest Business Account

If you’re truly only on Pinterest to find yummy recipes and cute haircut inspiration, you may not need to convert to a business account. But if you have a business, a ‘side hustle,’ a blog, etc., you should convert to a business account on Pinterest. Below are the top five reasons you should switch to a Pinterest business account.

Why You Should Convert to a Pinterest Business Account


With a Pinterest business account, you get access to FREE analytics. Pinterest tracks all sorts of results as it relates to the content you are pinning (yours and other people’s content). These stats are invaluable! You can even see which pins that you’ve pinned to one of your boards (yours and other people’s pins) has performed.

Use that information to inform the graphics you create, the topics people are pinning, and which pins get you the most clicks to your website—which is the whole point, right?

screen shot of Pinterest analytics categories

Claim Your Website

Claiming your website ensures that you get credit for your pins and that your URL appears in pins that are pinned from your website. This gives your business and your pin more credibility.

Here’s how you claim your website on Pinterest:

graphic of how to claim your website on pinterest
  1. Click on the three “dots” on the top right of your Pinterest screen.

  2. Select “Edit Settings”

  3. Click on “Claim”

  4. Where my website is located with the green check is where you would put your website URL and then click the “Claim” button (where mine says “unclaim”).

That’s it! It typically only takes a few hours to get your website officially “claimed,” but Pinterest warns that it could take 24 hours to get your website claimed.

Rich Pins

What are rich pins on Pinterest? Rich pins provide more data about the product, recipe, app, or article directly on the pin. The metadata is tied directly to the pin so that it remains there no matter how many times or who pins or repins the pin.

For example, on a recipe rich pin, you will see the list of ingredients directly on the pin without having to click through to the original pinners website for the recipe.

Side note: A few years ago food bloggers pushed back on Pinterest because they felt that the more information you have on the pin, the less likely the searcher will click through to their website. But more recent and thoughtful perspective notes that if people don’t have the ingredients, or can’t eat a certain ingredient, they will bounce right off of that recipe post anyway after they click through. It wastes everyone’s time! Bloggers would rather have ‘qualified’ readers who might stick around for a while.

So back to the benefits of Pinterest rich pins and how they’re different from “regular” pins.

Here’s an example of a regular chocolate chip recipe pin. See how she has claimed her website, but she’s not using rich pins because the recipe details are not on the pin. The recipe can be found when you click through this pin: Chelsea’s Messy Apron.

example of a chocolate chip cookie pin on pinterest

Here’s an example of a chocolate chip cookie recipe pin from a site with Pinterest’s rich pins. See how the ingredients are listed and even recipe ratings are shown directly on the pin? Someone with Celiac disease can easily see that this is not a gluten-free recipe and keep scrolling. If the ingredient list looks good to you, you can click through to get more information on the steps to making the cookies and tips and tricks from the baker! In this case, Dear Crissy shows you her best chocolate chip cookie recipe.

chocolate chip cookie rich pin example from pinterest

For more information on Pinterest’s rich pins and how to apply for them click here. And if you’re a Squarespace user, once you connect your Pinterest account on the backend of your Squarespace site, you automatically have rich pins set up! Here’s more on Squarespace and rich pins.

Run Promoted Pins

Did you know that you can advertise on Pinterest? Yep. If you have a business account on Pinterest, you can run ads. Ads are called “promoted pins” and Pinterest is an incredible place to get your ads in front of a very targeted audience.

The best part about promoted pins to me is that the “ads” look just like regular pins (they DO disclose that they are promoted). When done right, promoted pins flow seamlessly through search results and they are shown to the exact right people.

Using the same search as I used above: chocolate chip cookies, you can see an ad from Door Dash, Daily Harvest, and Trellis (on the left side of the search results). But there are so many “organic” pin results that it’s not annoying and I usually hardly notice. And I like that Pinterest discloses that it’s a promoted pin (and who promoted it) directly under the pin.

screen shot of pinterest promoted ads in feed

If you are serious about your business and want to leverage your Pinterest strategy further, you should convert to a Pinterest business account and start looking into running promoted pins.

Pinterest promoted pins are considered “native” on the platform which just means they don’t disrupt your normal Pinterest search—there are no “pop-up videos” that you are forced to watch before getting to your results or content. They are in your search results as you scroll to find what you want.

I think advertisers and users are both winning with this format.

Create Boards Around Your Business

Okay, you can do this last step if you have a personal account, but you will be more motivated to do it once you see yourself and Pinterest sees you as a true business.

As I pointed out in this post: How to Optimize Your Pinterest Account, you can keep your personal boards to collect things like outfit inspiration, family recipes to try, and more: just make them private. It’s like having a secret Pinterest account that no one else can see!

After you do that, get clear on your top 3-5 keywords that you want to target on Pinterest that relate to your business. Create 2-3 boards for each of those keywords to really get specific on who you are trying to target. This not only gives Pinterest a lot of information on what your business does and who it serves, but it also provides you with more boards to pin your content to without being spammy.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should convert your personal Pinterest account to a business account—you’ve got this! #pinteresttips #pinterestmarketingtips #pinterestbusinesstips #helpwithpinterest

Recap: Why You Should Convert to a Business Pinterest Account

Are you trying to grow a business, reach more customers, and get your pins into the right search results? Then you need a Pinterest business account. Period.

Still have questions about why you need a Pinterest business account? Drop them in the comments, shoot me an email, or sign up for a mini-audit where I record a 5-10 minute video explaining exactly what changes you can make to kick your Pinterest strategy up a notch!