How to Optimize Your Pinterest Account Profile

Do you keep hearing the phrase “Your Pinterest account needs to be optimized” but you don’t have any idea what it means? I’ve got you covered in today’s post all about how you can optimize each feature on Pinterest to make sure Pinterest knows what you do, who you serve, and the best of your content to share with your potential customers. Let’s dig in!

How to Optimize Your Pinterest Account

First things first, let’s confirm that you have a business account on Pinterest. Not sure? Go to your account now and if you see a menu option that says “ads” on the left or if you have the ‘business hub’ tab under your name when you click on your name, you have a business account.

screen shot of pinterest business account

If you don’t have a Pinterest business account, it’s easy! If Pinterest doesn’t prompt you to do it from time to time, you can go to and they’ll walk you through the easy steps to convert your existing personal Pinterest account, or to create a brand new business account.

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 11.46.48 AM.png

Okay, now that we know you’re all set with a business account, let’s get your Pinterest account optimized!

Optimize Your Pinterest Account in 5 Easy Steps

1.Your Pinterest Board Hierarchy and Naming

Wait, what? I thought we’d be working on my Pinterest profile first? Don’t worry, we’ll get to that. The first step you need to do to optimize your Pinterest account is to organize and clean out your boards. When I say organize, I don’t mean where they are in order when someone clicks on your board page. I mean your Pinterest board hierarchy.

Your Pinterest board names might be the most important way to optimize your Pinterest account. You are telling Pinterest exactly what you and your business is about. It’s the first way Pinterest understands if your pins are right for a user’s search results. You should have a minimum of three boards per subject that you write about.

For example, let’s say you are a Paleo blogger, your board hierarchy may look something like this:

  • Paleo for All Website (for your website’s content only)

  • Paleo Recipes

  • Paleo Recipes for Kids

  • Paleo Recipes for Families

  • Paleo Party Recipes

  • Paleo Lifestyle

  • Paleo Workouts for Men

  • Paleo Workouts for Women

  • Paleo Workouts for Kids

See how there is a main topic (“Paleo Recipes”) and then “sub topics” (“Paleo Recipes for Kids”, etc.) to make it super easy for those Pinterest bots to see what you are all about.

This also provides you more boards to pin to: a family paleo workout post could be pinned to four boards out of that list! The more times it’s pinned, the more chances it will get seen by the right searcher. Genius.

Here’s what my boards look like right now. It’s clear that I am a Pinterest strategist and I help people make money online using Pinterest:

Have you cleaned up your Pinterest boards to reflect the customer you are trying to attract? Don’t muddy the waters with personal boards—make them private! Getting clear with your board names makes it easy for Pinterest to know who you are trying to reach.

And yes, this means you don’t want to muddy the waters with your personal boards. You’re using Pinterest to grow your business. Your personal boards can still stay ‘live’ for you to pin to them—just make them private!

2. Board Descriptions

Next up: your board descriptions. I know, I know. That feels unnecessary, but I can assure you, Pinterest would not put these options in place if they were unnecessary. A Pinterest board description is another great way to let Pinterest know exactly what your board is all about, the content you are pinning there, and who the board serves.

It helps confirm to Pinterest that you have a valid board and your pins are all part of that board’s name and description.

Think of your top 3-5 keywords you write about. Using the example above, here’s what a board description for “Paleo Recipes for Families” could look like:

“Living the Paleo life as a family doesn’t mean your meals have to be boring! I’m sharing the best Paleo recipes for families to help your entire family eat a healthy Paleo meal that are easy and fast. #paleofamilyrecipes #easypaleorecipes #paleolife

You could totally wordsmith this to death, but it gets the job done. And Pinterest can see that you aren’t “keyword stuffing”—you are writing as a human to another human!

3. Your Pinterest Profile

Okay, finally: optimizing your Pinterest profile. Much like a board description, use your main keywords to describe you and your business without sounding like a robot. No hashtags.

You can include a link to a freebie, but the percentage of people who actually click on your profile is so low, there isn’t much point to it. I’d rather you use those characters to write a longer sentence with your targeted keywords so that the Pinterest bots can easily scan and receive exactly what you do.

4. Hashtags

Did you know that Pinterest uses hashtags to also confirm what each pin is about? It’s one more way to give Pinterest a final clue that yes, this pin is about Paleo family recipes because you used #paleofamilyrecipes in your pin’s description and it’s also in your board description. DIng Ding Ding! Pinterest has what it needs and your pin is shown to the right searcher.

Are you using hashtags in your Pinterest strategy? Using hashtags in your pin description and board description is an important step in getting your Pinterest account optimized!

5. Pin Descriptions

Lastly, make sure your pin descriptions are optimized, too! Using the same formula as your board descriptions, you can easily optimize your description and attract the right people to your pin: write like a human, use at least three of your keywords, and use 3-5 hashtags. That’s it. There’s no secret code.

Recap: How to Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

Did you see the common themes throughout this Pinterest optimization tutorial? Make Pinterest’s life easier by optimizing your account. Here’s your recap on the five easy steps you can start doing today, to optimize your Pinterest account:

Use each of these tools that Pinterest has provide to you:

  1. Board Hierarchy and Naming

  2. Board Descriptions

  3. Your Business Profile

  4. Hashtags

  5. Pin Descriptions

And remember:

  • Clean out and organize your boards to reflect your business

  • Write like a human in your board descriptions, profile, and pin descriptions

  • Utilize keywords in your board descriptions and pin descriptions

  • Include hashtags in your board descriptions and pin descriptions

How Long Will it Take to Make My Pinterest Account Optimized

Depending on how many boards you have, this should take you 1-2 hours, max. If that feels overwhelming, break it up and commit to optimizing 2-3 boards every day and moving 1-2 personal boards over to your “private” area of your account.

You can totally do this and you’ll start seeing awesome results once you get clear to Pinterest on your business and what you do!

Optimize your Pinterest business account in FIVE easy steps! Learn the five main areas that Pinterest WANTS you to utilize to turn your account into a beacon for your ideal customers! I walk you through the steps in this helpful post—CLICK to read!! #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttips #optimizeforpinterest #pinterestbusinessaccount

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