The Best Creative Market Script Fonts

Well, well, well. A post about script fonts. I think I need a 12-step program. I’ve purchased many more, but I’m sharing my favorite fonts from Creative Market. (affiliate link!) Do you use Creative Market? I’m not sure how I discovered it four or five years ago, but once I did, I was hooked. I even have a shop on Creative Market where I have some old stock photo bundles that still bring in sales every once in a while.

It’s a fantastic platform for web designers, online creative business owners, social media managers, and sellers..basically anyone who has a website and/or an online business needs Creative Market. Today I’m going over my favorite creative market fonts: script and print.

Note: the links in this post are affiliate links whereas I’ll earn a small commission if you decide to buy something on the Creative Market platform, at no additional cost to you! CLICK HERE to read my full disclosure statement.

If you’re like me, you’re always on the hunt for a natural looking handwritten script font. I have used these 9 fonts and while I have many others, these have been my tried and true favorites from Creative Market. CLICK to read my post and to see these fonts in action! #creativemarketfonts #handwrittenfonts #scriptfonts

My Favorite Creative Market Script Fonts

I have to warn you, logging into Creative Market for fonts is like starting a marathon of any show on Netflix. You blink and three hours has passed and you're still falling in love with fonts at every turn. But I’ve found some amazing fonts that help me personalize my branding and my graphics and I think it’s worth it to take the time to research.

Ink Blossoms Handwritten Brush Font on Creative Market

I never realized just how much I would use a ‘brush font’ in my marketing collateral. And maybe it’s just because I love this brush font, in particular. I use it for Instagram and Facebook quote posts, Pinterest graphics for myself and clients, and any general graphics that I’m using for my blog posts or marketing.

creative market ink blossoms brush font graphic

Here’s an example of Ink Blossoms brush script font that I purchased from Creative Market:

Instagram quote post to showcase ink blossoms font--white on blue

Grab your copy of Ink Blossoms here !

Moonstone Handwritten Script Font

Moonstone script brush font is so versatile--it's cool and masculine while still carrying a bit of feminine flair. I use it all the time for myself and for client work!

moonstone font example

I love how much it looks like real handwriting and yet it’s still easy to read. Moonstone handwritten brush font is so versatile! And here’s Moonstone used in a Pinterest graphic (paired with Montserrat sans serif font):

cheap photo props blog post over black and green stock office photo

You Rock Script Font

Another natural looking script font is called, ‘You Rock,’ and while it’s a bit more structured, it still looks great together with a bold sans serif font: below I paired it with Colorado . You can purchase You Rock here.

you rock and colorado fonts in IG quote post with a light blue background

Pro Tip: Handwritten Font Bundle

I purchased this handwritten font bundle and while I only downloaded two of the fonts so far (Moonstone and You Rock), for $24, you get EIGHT fonts. It’s a no-brainer if you have your eye on more than one!

I’ve been using ‘You Rock” and “Moonstone” for social media graphics—they are perfect for quote posts!

handwritten fonts on a colorful graphic from Creative Market

Unleash Edgy Font Duo

Unleash handwritten and sans serif font duo has done the work of pairing complimentary fonts for you! I love using these two fonts for quote posts, Pinterest graphics, and more!

pink background with greenery with the words "summer Range" to showcase a font pairing on creative market

Here’s the same quote post as above with the Unleash Edgy font duo:

silence is a source of great strength quote post on blue background

Oh Livey Font

I love this Oh Livey script font so much from Skyla Design on Creative Market. It’s fun and to quote her description: it’s a “casual font.” It's one of my go-to script fonts and it looks like real handwriting. It just works. You should buy it :)

oh lively script font on green background

Oh Livey is fun and happy and I use it a lot for quote posts like this Instagram post below, but it also works great in Pinterest posts:

oh lively handwritten script font in white on green

Landslide Script Font

landslide handwritten font examples

Landslide script font comes in two styles and two weights giving you lots of options. It’s funny how, depending on the quote, the different options really do work or they don’t. It’s a bit of trial and error, but I generally use the regular Landslide font. Here are examples with lower case and upper case in Instagram posts.

Wonderfall Script Font

This is a versatile summer/beachy font that works well for shop announcements and logos. I love the thick/bold lines and realistic cadence of the lettering. Like Moonstone above, it’s feminine, yet masculine. It’s a great all-arounder! Snag Wonderfall script font here!

Wonderfall in action:

lost in stockholm (2).jpg

Aisling Script Font

This delicate and feminine script font is just plain fun. It looks like what I WISH my handwriting looked like LOL. It’s a hand drawn marker font that owner Red Ink says that Aisling script font has an Irish feel to it!

girl walking on green trail wil 'aisling' font overlay
pancakes with marmalade with script that says, 'breakfast is served!"

Aescudos Handwritten Font

This Aescudos handwritten script font also looks like a brush script and it’s bold and fun! While it feels uni-sex, I think it leans more feminine.

Aescudos handwritten font
black background with pink letters that spell "thanks!"

Delirium Font

I love this font so much and use it all the time for social posts and Pinterest graphics. Delirium brush script font is such a great handwritten brush font and it works for my posts as well as so many of my client's posts.

delirium brush handwritten font example

And here it is with the same pancake example from above. It’s bolder and more impactful and feels like a marker, for sure.

stack of pancakes with the word 'yummy!'
office with grey chair, white desk, grey laptop

Creative Market is the BEST Place for Fonts

Are you on the eternal hunt for your favorite script font? I’ve found so many amazing script fonts from Creative Market and this list is what I use the most. Which one is your favorite?

What’s your go-to for finding affordable, quality script fonts? I use Creative Market, ALL.THE.TIME. It’s such a great platform for all things design, especially fonts! CLICK to see how I use these fonts in my business. The post contains affiliate links! #creativemarket #creativemarketfonts #scriptfonts