SavvySystem Virtual Assistant Course: My Honest Review

At some point last year, I became aware of the awesomeness that is Abbey and the SavvySystem (Formerly The VA Bootcamp), a virtual assistant course. I’m not sure how, but I was on Abbey Ashley’s email list. I’ll cut to the chase: I joined the program the week of Thanksgiving last year. And now that I’ve been through the program and have a thriving and growing business, I want to give a thorough review of the SavvySystem, complete with pros and cons and if you should consider purchasing it. Spoiler Alert: it changed my life.

Want to hear how it changed my life? Keep reading! And stay tuned for my EPIC bonus if you join through my SavvySystem affiliate link-details below!!

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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant (“VA”) is a lot of things, honestly. Other terms that are used interchangeably are, “freelancer,” and “contract worker.” A VA is someone who works ‘virtually’ (anywhere that they have a computer and wifi!) and is contracted by a business owner to do various tasks. There are literally hundreds of things that a business owner can hand-off to their VA or freelance/contract worker.

Virtual assistance is a win for all parties. The VA has their own business and they control their pay rate, who they work with, and how much they want to work (oh, and the time of day they want to do the work). Talk about flexibility!

And the business owner wins, too! They don’t have to hire a part-time or full-time staff employee (think: benefits, paid time off, etc.) and they can hire out for very specific tasks that they want off of their plate.

Some people (especially outside of the online business scene) bristle at the use of the word ‘assistant’ because many freelancers are very qualified and experienced professionals.

I think this is a mindset issue. And besides, you can call yourself anything you want! I’ve been working as a ‘virtual publicist’ for a few months and it’s a title everyone understands and it feels right. You can use any title you want.

Bottom line, this virtual assistant course is great for anyone looking to offer virtual services to business owners.


Before I tell you all of the amazing features and reasons why you should purchase the SavvySystem and join this amazing group, it might make sense to do a brief backstory so that you understand where my head was when I made the purchase. Before I had kids, I worked in corporate America and I have a background in marketing and business development/marketing and communications. (Long before online business and marketing exploded into what it is today!) And once I got pregnant, my husband and I made the decision that I would stay home and raise our kids full-time. (side note: for us, best decision ever!)

Contract Work

Becoming a mom changed me for the better in so many ways, but the day-in and day-out of momming two little kids was positively mind-numbing. I completely lost myself in those first few years and desperately wanted to use my brain in other ways than planning dinner and playing with blocks (important tasks, but I wanted more). I tried my hand at ‘contract work’ which is also just another phrase for ‘freelancing’ or ‘virtual assisting',’ although I didn’t know that at the time.

Joe has always supported us very well, but I was searching for something that was mine where I could put in some work and feel good that I’d accomplished something using my brain. I’m sure you can relate to this!

The contract writing didn’t work for me for a variety of reasons. If only I had a support system and plan like the SavvySystem ten years ago, my life would be completely different right now!


Fast forward quite a few years and my husband and I opened an Etsy shop to sell his handmade woodworking creations (cutting boards, makeup storage boxes, etc.). I was in charge of marketing the shop and styling and photographing the product shots. I became obsessed with photography and that started me down a path to opening my own photography business. These experiences (sprinkled in with some mildly successful attempts at blogging) expanded my knowledge of online marketing and business.

I was gaining a lot of skills, but didn’t have an outlet to use them.


Then we started homeschooling our kids (again, another long story!) and I felt overwhelmed and out of sync with my photography business. So I closed up that shop for about 6 months before that burning desire to work and bring in some money rose to the top again. I needed to use my brain and wanted to bring in some money because it made me feel good—but I needed a job that would work with my schedule.

Started Another Business and Signed Up for Coaching!

I created a stock photography business and decided to grow that in full force (it was all on my time, with total creative control). I signed up for a group coaching program for moms who were starting businesses, or who needed support growing their business.

That big step was life-altering, too! I had NO IDEA how much work I needed to do on myself, my mindset, my organization, my home management, etc. I pivoted again to offering food photography to local restaurants for their social media channels.

Lightbulb Moment: Virtual Assistant

But something still wasn’t feeling quite right. And I think that’s what led me back to Abbey. I randomly got an email from her about a free webinar about virtual assistance and I watched it in my bedroom and something just felt “right.” It was definitely a ‘lightbulb moment’ and I had NEVER thought about freelancing to utilize all of these skills that I had honed while trying to start businesses. Becoming a virtual assistant just wasn’t on my radar! Until the SavvySystem and Abbey!!

If you can relate to having a strong desire to work from home, but you keep hitting dead ends, read on, friend.

Are you a stay at home mom looking for work-from-home opportunities? I was too—for YEARS I tried different jobs, but nothing stuck. Until I became a virtual assistant! Today, I’m sharing an honest review of SavvySystem, a virtual assistant course that changed my life! Come read how I’m making consistent $3k+ months after opening my business SIX months ago!! And you can do it, too! (note: my blog post contains affiliate links)

The SavvySystem Virtual Assistant Course Review

I started going through the course in December of 2018 and checked off my to-do’s before officially launching my business on January 1, 2019.


I signed my very first client two weeks later! It was a one-time graphic design client, but it was the push I needed and by the end of that first month, I had signed my first monthly contract client that I still work with six months later. And just five months after opening up my virtual assistant business I made $3,400 in ONE MONTH working part-time from home!

And you can do it, too! the SavvySystem is like a business in a box—it’s EVERYTHING YOU NEED to start your virtual assistant business.

I’m currently niching down services and planning to pivot my offerings (again!) before I grow and scale. My next goal is $5k months and then the magical $8,400 months because doing that for a year equals $100k!

Inspired? YAY! I owe so much to Abbey and the SavvySystem team, although they are the first to remind me that I’m the one who actually put in the work. But I say, without this system, I can assure you, that I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am—especially in such a short period of time.

I wouldn’t have had the confidence to market myself (much less know HOW to market myself online—for free) and beyond that, I wouldn’t have had the infrastructure in place to manage the inquiries and then new clients once they decided to move forward and sign a contract with me!

Pros to The Savvy System Virtual Assistant Course

There are so many pros to the SavvySystem and I’m going to go through each one in more detail below. And if you have any questions about this, shoot me an email at or leave me a comment!

The SavvySystem is a Virtual Assistant Business in a Box

Check out my overview of the table of contents below to see exactly what’s in the SavvySystem, but I can assure you it has everything you need to start your virtual assistant business, and then some! Marketing, contracts, how to track clients and your finances, how to grow and scale, and so much more!

When you sign up today, you get 10% off and the doors officially open on Friday, July 19th. Use my LINK and get my amazing BONUS, too! (details below)

When you sign up today, you get 10% off and the doors officially open on Friday, July 19th. Use my LINK and get my amazing BONUS, too! (details below)

Easy to Navigate

The Teachable platform is very easy to navigate as you go through the course. I love how you can click on ‘complete and continue’ and it keeps track of what sections you’ve already done.

There are a lot of topics and sections, and this helped me get through the course while taking breaks and always knowing where to go next, or where to reference something I’d already learned in the course.

Step by Step to Build Confidence

In the SavvySystem course, Abbey basically holds your hand through the entire process. I’ve always felt that starting and running a business can feel daunting and overwhelming.

But Abbey has thought of EVERYTHING and every step that you need to complete to start and market your new virtual assistant business.

ALL Bases Covered

As I mentioned above, Abbey leaves no stone unturned and no question unanswered. That’s what makes this virtual assistant course unique to any other online course I’ve taken, virtual assistant-related, or not.

She doesn’t just give you a contract, tell you to market yourself on Facebook, and send you on your way. She starts way before that to get you to nail down the services you could offer, and what makes sense to offer first, based on the skills YOU ALREADY HAVE.

There’s time to grow and learn new skills, but you can start your business with what you know, right now. And this course helps you figure out exactly what skills you have and how to market them.

Motivation to Finish Assignments

While you CAN skip around in the SavvySystem, Abbey has motivating tasks at the end of most of the sections with action items. This really helped push me through the course and actually complete things.

Abbey wants you to finish her course and start a successful virtual assistant business, probably more than you do ;) Virtual assisting changed her life and her family’s life and while she’s running a for-profit company, she truly wants every person out their to have the tools to run their OWN successful business. It’s her mission in life!

Incredibly Supportive and Active Facebook Group

The women (and men!) who have paid for and taken this course are invested and ready to make a change in their lives (just like you!). They are seeing the success of people who have taken the course and know that it’s possible for them.

The accompanying Facebook group is very active—with seasoned members who can give feedback and advice, with ambassadors who answer questions and cheer you on, and Abbey herself with FB Live trainings and comments.

It’s a gold mine of information and inspiration!


At some point early in my journey with the SavvySystem course, someone named Rachel Dorsey reached out to me over Facebook messenger. I thought she was just a fellow VA, but it turns out she was so much more. She was basically my coach in those early days (and even now, if I have a question or need advice!). No question was too simple or annoying and Rachel gave me so much time and support that there was no way I could fail!

Rachel is on Abbey’s team and while I don’t pretend to know exactly how it works, she has several team members who support Savvy System members in their journey. It’s such an incredible value-add and nearly guarantees you’ll be successful!

Interested in more coaching? Check out my BONUS below!

Direct Access to Abbey

As I mentioned earlier, Abbey truly wants each and every member to succeed. Not only because if you’re successful, you’ll probably tell people how awesome this course is and that will provide free advertising through word of mouth and help grow the community, but because she truly cares.

She genuinely wants each and every person who takes the Savvy System to succeed—that’s the who point of her business! Because of that, she is very present in the Facebook group and even sends personal emails to members from time to time.

She always responded to my emails directly and that felt amazing and unique to any other course I’ve taken.

FB Lives with Abbey

Abbey does “deep dive” sessions with members where someone in the group gets to sit in the hot seat and have Abbey go through their website, their packages, their business on the whole, whatever they need help with. These are done live in the group so that everyone has access to them and can take all of the advice and wisdom that Abbey has to offer and apply it to their own business.

It’s amazing.


The FB Group is Large

I’m not going to lie. The size of the group is in the thousands and sometimes it can be intimidating to see people ahead of you in the process, sharing ‘better’ portfolios, and success stories.

But I would argue that that should motivate you! It is highly encouraged that you share your steps as you complete them in the course inside the Facebook group—no post ever goes without a response and you’ll get feedback from other members or from Abbey’s team.

An honest review of the virtual assistant course, SavvySystem with Abbey Ashley! What’s included in the course? Is it worth the price tag? I’m laying it all out in this epic post that every virtual assistant should read!!

Now that I’ve covered the pros and cons, let’s get more into the nitty-gritty of what comes with the SavvySystem virtual assistant course.

What’s Covered in the SavvySystem:

The SavvySystem is organized in such an intuitive way into three main categories: Launch, Grow, Scale. It really makes digesting each stage of starting a virtual assistant business much easier:


  • Discover Your Skillset (10 classes)

  • Pricing and Packages (6 classes)

  • Brand Academy (7 classes)

  • Processes and Assets (7 classes)

  • Payments, Invoicing, and Taxes (5 classes)

  • Legalities (6 classes)


  • Marketing 101 (8 classes)

  • Ultimate Marketing Plan (15 classes!!!)

  • Web Development 101 (11 classes)

  • The Virtual Assistant Lifestyle (9 classes)


  • Raising Your Prices (6 classes)

  • Building a Team (7 classes)

  • What’s Next? (5 classes)

I mean…come ON! Look at all of those classes. That list doesn’t even include the welcome series or the FAQ’s section.

If you’re thinking about starting a freelancing business or becoming a virtual assistant OR, if you are already a virtual assistant and looking for more support, I highly recommend the SavvySystem. It’s the most well thought out online course I’ve ever taken. And I’ve taken a lot of awesome courses along the way!

kristiina craven headshot


If you decide to purchase the SavvySystem through my affiliate link, I’m offering you TWO 30-minute coaching sessions with me AND unlimited e-mail support for the first two months after you make the purchase.

That’s a $600 bonus! Having this extra support to ask as many questions as you want, for guidance and suggestions, and for strategically planning your offerings and how to market them will help you grow so fast.

Starting a business can be daunting (trust me, I’ve started too many to count!), but this virtual assistant course made me feel like I wasn’t alone.

And I’ll be here for you, if you decide to purchase the SavvySystem through my affiliate link!

Looking for More Motivation on Why You Should Consider Becoming a VA?

Are you a stay-at-home mom looking to use your brain and bring in extra (or much-needed!) money to your household? Have you tried a ‘million’ other work-from-home opportunities (I barely scratched the surface in my ‘backstory’ section above!), but nothing was ‘legit’ or they didn’t pan out? Becoming my own boss as a virtual assistant has been the most liberating and confidence-boosting decision I’ve ever made.

Here are some reasons to consider opening up your own VA business:

  • make your own schedule

  • work towards your financial goals—not someone else’s (no ceiling on your salary)

  • choose who you work for

  • work from home, or at a coffee shop

  • variety of tasks, hours, industries, and people

  • you can succeed being multi-passionate (YOU decide what services you’ll offer)

  • FREEDOM to work anywhere, anytime, and for anyone

  • confidence

I have never thought of myself as an ‘entrepreneur’ because I like the comfort and safety of working for someone else, but with the support of the SavvySystem and Abbey, I started my business with confidence and have never looked back. And now I wonder if I could ever work for someone else again!

Do you have questions? I have answers! Drop me a comment, or shoot me an email at: (yes, that’s “Kristiina” with two “i’s”!)