How to be an Awesome Podcast Guest

So you’ve started getting booked on podcasts—congrats! Now all you need to do is show up and be your fabulous self for the interview, right? Yes and no. Today is all about podcast interview tips so that you show up as an awesome podcast guest and leverage the interview in the best way possible!

A one-hour podcast interview can create so much more than visibility—you can build your email list by funneling listeners to your unique opt-in link, gain social media followers, or even book a client! So you want to show up as the best version of yourself.

There are ways to improve your experience, your host’s experience, and the audience’s experience when you are interviewed on a podcast.

Podcast Interview Tips

Get Your Gear Straight

Most podcast hosts will send you guidelines as to their tech requirements and if there will be planned interview questions.

They will most likely require that you use quality headphones and have a computer with access to high-quality wi-fi so that you can tape the interview over video. Interviews tend to be more personal and valuable when they are recorded as a video (in person is even better!).

Test your equipment and the video software the podcast host typically uses BEFORE the day of the interview.

Podcast interview tips and how to leverage your podcast interview. | Kristiina Craven Virtual Publicist | #podcasting #podcastinterview #podcastips

Your Appearance Matters

Sometimes the podcast host records the interview to repurpose the content (YouTube, Facebook). But even they don’t plan to re-use the interview, you should get yourself presentable for the interview. You’re a professional, and putting a little time and effort into your appearance will make a difference in how you present yourself. Your host will appreciate it and will respect you more and see you as the expert you are!

And let’s face it, as shallow as it sounds, when we look good, we feel good! And that will translate to the energy you bring to the podcast interview.

Interview Prep

Do your due diligence. Listen to their other podcast episodes, review their tip sheet, review the questions you agreed to, do some voice warm-ups, and triple check your equipment.

Show Up Early and Prepared

There is nothing worse than feeling panicked or rushed before any big meeting, and this includes a podcast interview. Plan to be in your interview space 30 minutes before the start of your interview. Be yourself and give them 100% of your energy and attention.

Follow Up with a Genuine Thank You

Sending a good old fashioned handwritten thank you note separates you from the crowd, but a heartfelt and genuine thank you in an email is also nice! Not only is it good manners, but you want to maintain a great relationship with podcasts hosts! You never know when they may need your expertise in the future or who they know who they can refer to you for your client work, or for another podcast interview.

Thank you notes aren’t just good manners, they’re good networking!

Share the Episode on All of Your Channels

Typically the podcast show host will provide you with shareable graphics for your social channels (they want you to promote the show, too!). If they don’t, create some yourself!

There you have it: how to be an awesome podcast guest.

Podcast interviews are the BEST way to grow your brand’s visibility and reach. It’s the fastest way to get in front of a target audience of captive listeners. Keep putting yourself out there to podcast hosts and make the ask.

Not sure how to get booked for podcast interviews or how to find the right podcasts to make your pitch? Check out this post where we detail our exact process of how to get podcast interviews.

Once you get booked for the podcast interview, get prepared! Show up for every podcast interview as if this is one of the most essential tasks of your day. You NEVER KNOW who may be listening and what it may lead to down the road!

Today is all about PODCAST INTERVIEW TIPS! Now that you’ve learned the process to finding podcasts and how to pitch to get interviewed on podcasts, we’re covering tips on how to be an awesome guest! CLICK TO READ MORE! | | Virtual Publicist | #podcastinterview #podcastinterviewtips #media #publicrelations