How to Get Interviewed on Podcasts

You’re a podcast junkie. And you know getting interviewed on podcasts will give you more visibility and you’ll reach more potential customers. But how the heck do you get booked for the podcast interview? I’ll give you the exact steps on how to get on podcasts in this blog post!

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How to Get Booked on Podcasts


Using your big picture marketing plan and your ideal client ‘avatar’, research what podcasts your customers may already be consuming. How do you do that? Here are some tips:

  • Where are your competitors showing up on podcasts?

    Start there. Look to see who iTunes (or Stitcher, or Google Play) suggests at the bottom of the podcast page.

  • Search for podcasts by topic.

    Are you a parenting coach? Search: parenting podcasts. Do you do custom branding or marketing for your clients? Search: solopreneur, marketing for small business owners, entrepreneur podcasts.

  • Listen to what your potential client’s pain points are and the language they’re using.

    Facebook groups, podcasts, Amazon book reviews in the topic you are an expert in all offer fantastic opportunities to really understand your client’s thought processes and their thinking. Think about what shows they may be listening to based on this research.

Create an Awesome Pitch

Podcasts are growing in popularity like gangbusters! You’re not the only one pitching your amazing-ness to podcast owners. They probably get pitched often (especially if they are well established!).

  • Keep it simple: don’t waste their time.

    Cut to the chase with a brief introduction, 2-3 show topic ideas (and how you think you can HELP their listeners, not just how the interview would serve YOU), and a reference to WHY you connected with them or show that you’ve listened to their podcast before. (Bonus points for referencing an interview that resonated with you and why.)

  • Think outside the box:

    How is your story different than every other person pitching them. And if your story isn’t THAT unique, find another way to grab their attention with a personal story that will help you stand out (that time you ran into the president of Universal Studios while out on a hike and a nugget you took away from the interaction—-or even something simpler: an interaction you had with the coffee barista and how it shifted your mindset!).

Make the Outreach

Draft podcast outreach emails that are direct and engaging. Everyone’s busy. No one wants to read your bio; they want to hear how you can benefit their audience through an interview with you. Hire a virtual assistant if you don’t have the time to manage your outreach. But the only way to booking interviews on podcasts is to make the ask.


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In this fast-paced online world, emails are bound to get lost in the shuffle. If you haven’t heard anything in 10-14 days, send a brief follow-up. Get straight to the point by forwarding your original email and asking them if they’d like to interview you. Short and sweet.

Get Booked or Move On

Not every pitch is going to be a “yes” and not every host is going to respond. I recommend one follow-up and if you hear crickets, file it under the “follow up in 6 months” section of your tracker and move on.

There are over 600,000 podcasts out there, so keep going through the cycle, and you’ll start getting booked for an interview on the right podcasts. Getting on podcasts is a numbers game!

Bonus: Get Noticed by Sending More Than a Cold Pitch Email

If you’re looking to get on a larger podcast or even a niche podcast with your exact target audience, stand out from the crowd and show them you’re serious by getting creative. Do a little digging and find out if they’re Starbucks fans, Krispy Kreme fanatics, etc. Send a handwritten note and a small gift to get their attention! Trust me, even a handwritten note will get you noticed.

Connecting with podcast show hosts online before making the ask is another excellent way to stand out from the crowd. Create real connections by starting conversations that matter on THEIR platform. If you connect in a natural and real way, asking to be interviewed will be easy. Direct messaging a podcast host is totally fine, but you make the connection, first.

That’s it! That’s all you need to do to start getting booked for interviews on podcasts.

The process isn’t complicated, but yes, it takes time and a little bit of creativity to find the podcast with the right audience and to get noticed and hopefully booked for an interview.

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This is the exact process I use when working with my clients. My main package includes doing the research, vetting the podcasts, creating the media one-sheet, and drafting the pitch email for you.

If you like to do the dirty work, but need some help strategizing where to begin, I’ve got a one-time intensive where we talk: niche, ideal clients (and where they hang out), and your unique selling proposition!

Basically, I’ve got you covered.

Want to meet for coffee? Schedule a video chat here so that I can learn more about your business and your strategy to see if getting on podcasts is the right next step for you.