Denver Family Photographer | Roxanne's Baby Sister!

This adorable family really wanted to capture new baby sister with her big sister, Roxanne.  They didn't want to be in the pictures and I mostly respected their wishes ;)  I know they will cherish the shots I got of them with their kids because in 10-20 years, they will all be happy and grateful we captured these moments. 

Mom and little girl playing with red ball outside on a sunny day in Denver, CO. | Denver Family Photographer

Despite the bright, sunny day, the house was very dark, so I'm glad there was space to play and shoot outside.  The harsh light outside wasn't ideal, but we had so much fun while they all played and managed to grab some great shots.

Black and white photo of a little girl swinging outside with bow in hair. | Denver Family Photographer

After baby sister ate, we moved inside and caught some pictures of them together.  We found some beautiful light right by the front door and basically camped out LOL

Black and white image of a newborn baby yawning in Denver, CO.  Family Photographer | Lifestyle Photography

I cannot get enough of newborn yawns!! 

Big sister checking out newborn sister's feet during a family photography session in Denver, CO. | Family Photographer

Baby sister is about 6 weeks old here, but there is still the wonder of her little toes!

A mom and dad hugging daughter outside by swing set during a family photography session in Denver, CO. | Denver Family Photographer

I know they said they didn't want to be in the shots, but I just could not resist these heartfelt moments!

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