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Hello - Kristiina Here! (aka: Your New Photographer)

Let's see...Denver + Nikon + Newborns + Chocolate is the quickest way to sum me up, but I think we can do a little better than that LOL.  Scroll down for more on my background, but here's more on the current state of my photography...

Newborn photo shoots are my true photography passion--especially "Fresh 48" in-hospital sessions.  It is such a beautifully raw time and often it's a blur to the parents.  I wish I had photos from those first hours our family was changed forever...that said, being invited to a family's home to document their changed life for a lifestyle newborn photo shoot or a family lifestyle photo shoot is just as powerful.  It's an honor any time I'm welcomed into a home just like yours. 

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Do you want the long version or the short version of how I ended up here?  Scroll down for the long version and here's the short version for people like me:



While my photography journey started in high school as the school's newspaper photographer back in northern Virginia, I didn't truly get the photography bug until a couple of years ago when I was shooting product shots of my husband's wood working pieces for our Etsy store. I loved capturing everything perfectly, but I found it boring. I realized that I like shooting faces and people--especially young families. 


By the time we had opened (and closed) our Etsy store and I had my “give me all of the people to shoot portraits” moment, we had relocated to Denver for my husband's job.  I enrolled at the Denver School of Photography and honed my skills on my kids and husband until they said, "uncle".

A Denver Family Photographer takes a photo.


With my family officially “over it,” I realized I needed to look for experience outside of my home and was hired by Bella Baby Photography to take hospital newborn photos--"Fresh 48's," if you will. 

I did about 100 mini-lifestyle shoots in poorly lit hospital rooms before I realized that I wanted to do this on my own--with no one restricting my camera settings, or my point of view.


I wanted more creative freedom. The freedom to show the real story--not just posed shots--of a child's first few days in the world.  My high school photojournalism instincts came alive and I haven't looked back since!  Now I click the shutter when something in front of me moves me in some way.  It's my absolute pleasure and privilege to do that in other people's homes.

It's so nice to meet you--I'd love to treat you to coffee (tea for me!) with or without your kids to learn more about you :)