Hello - Kristiina Here! 

Hello there!  I’m guessing you’re a busy mom like me who is curious about one of the following things: 

  • Homeschooling or wondering about our lifestyle as unschoolers here in Denver, Colorado. 
  • Or maybe, like me, you have turned your world upside down and transitioned to non-toxic beauty and household supplies due to a chronic health condition or you've taken on a Keto Diet Lifestyle.  
  • Or maybe you’re looking for a realistic representation of what life is like as a mom in her 40’s who is trying to stay stylish, fit, and feel pretty in her own skin. 

I feel you.  And I want to inspire you. 

Stick around for more peeks behind our unschooling curtain, my experience with non-toxic beauty, and my latest fashion finds. 

Let’s face it—even if we still feel 20 (or 15?!) inside, we need to step into our new reality and OWN IT.  

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 Kristiina Craven is a 40-something mom of 2 who is tackling unschooling, non-toxic beauty, and "fashion" in Denver, Colorado.  

Contact me: gettingunschooled@gmail.com