Kristiina Craven

We both know you have a lot to offer. As a blogger and/or coach you are pumping out killer content, but no one is reading it. And finding the time to create a Pinterest strategy, much less implement the day-to-day Pinterest management, feels overwhelming.

As a former blogger myself, I know just how much time it takes to create a content calendar, write the posts, take the photos, do keyword research, and more!

If you’re creating incredible content and no one is reading it. That’s exactly the reason you need a Pinterest strategy in your marketing plan.

Teaching people through 1:1 strategy calls, I help clients get a Pinterest plan up and running in a way that drives the right readers/customers to your content.

Shoot me an email at and let’s start talking. Or, better yet, let’s hop on a free 15-minute intro call so that I can hear about your current marketing strategy and how I may be able to help!